Derma Rollers for Wrinkles - Everything You Need to Know

Would you like to be stabbed by hundreds of needles in your face? Well, what if we tell you that this will definitely reduce wrinkles and fine lines? Now, you’re ready to hear all about using derma rollers for wrinkles.

While mainly focused on the face, the method can be used to reduce wrinkles in the scalp and neck as well.

As you may already know, hundreds of needles are inserted into the uppermost layer of your skin via a derma roller. Despite sounding scary, the procedure is minimally invasive and has plenty of benefits. 

How Do Derma Rollers Work against Wrinkles?

Barrel-shaped and studded with needles, derma rollers are tools you can use to treat scars, acne, pot marks, wrinkles, etc. As we’ve discussed earlier, the mechanism is pretty simple: the needles enter your skin through the dermal layer and prick it.

As a result, the scar tissue breaks down, allowing skincare products to penetrate the skin, and ensuring stimulated blood flow. Although punctured, your skin is healthier, plumper, and more radiant after derma rolling.

Here is a guide that’ll tell you everything about dermarolling at home!

The Needle Length

The effectiveness of a derma roller and recovery time depends on the size of the needles. Smaller needles sizes, ranging from 0.2 to 0.3mm, are suitable for preventing blemishes and enhancing the absorption of beauty products.

Meanwhile, the best needle sizes for smoothening wrinkles are 0.5mm to 1mm, depending on the extent of wrinkling.

Derma rollers with smaller needles sizes, such as dermaroller 0.5mm, can be used daily while those with larger needles are used every few weeks.

For example, DermRollers come in different sizes ranging from 0.2mm to 3mm. Thus, you can select the size based on the frequency of use and skin concern.

As evident, different needle sizes cater to various skin conditions. But what if you’re looking for a universal size that works for everyday skin issues, like light wrinkles?

In that case, the dermaroller 0.5mm is the ultimate choice. Professionals call it the ‘All-Rounder’ because it’s safe and effective for all parts of your face.

Skin Type

Generally, derma rolling is suitable for all skin types unless you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. However, if you’re using a derma roller for severe skin issues, like burning scars and pigmentation removal, be mindful of the frequency of use.

Even better, consult a professional before pricking yourself regularly with needles.

Benefits of Derma Rollers for Wrinkles

While most people merely think of derma rollers as ‘wrinkle-smoothing’ devices, they work in a systematic fashion.

  • First and foremost, derma rollers reduce everything from wrinkles and fine lines to crows feet. The best derma rollers for wrinkles have a needle size larger than 1.5mm.

  • Derma rollers with 1.5mm needles are suitable for breaking scar tissue. With a few weeks of use, you’d notice a significant decrease in scarring.

  • With age, the skin starts sagging due to a lack of collagen. A derma roller stimulates collagen production and builds an ample supply of the protein in your skin, making it plump and fresh.

  • When hundreds of needles puncture your skin, they create a pathway for skincare products. Thus, the serums and anti-wrinkle creams can enter the deeper layer of the skin, giving better results.

  • Some derma rollers, such as the DermRollers, also stimulate hair growth. Equipped with 540 titanium needles, the derma roller restores hair follicles.

How to Use a Derma Roller to Reduce Wrinkles?

Before explaining the process, let us warn you that microneedling may hurt. It depends on your pain tolerance, but the needles tend to sting. Moreover, mild bleeding may also occur.

What You’ll Need


  • Vitamin C serum
  • Numbing cream (for larger needles)
  • Mild Cleanser
  • Hyaluronic Acid


Once you have everything you need, sit somewhere comfortable, and get started. If your derma roller is new, take it out of the packaging and inspect for damages.

- Step 1: Sanitize the Roller

Sanitize the roller before use, even if it’s new. Doing so ensures that you’re not allowing bacteria to enter your skin.

- Step 2: Apply Numbing Cream

If you’re using a dermaroller 0.5mm, you won’t need a numbing cream. However, for larger needles sizes, apply a generous amount of cream to your face. Once the cream has done its job, use an alcohol swab to wipe it off.

- Step 3: Let’s Roll

Start rolling the derma roller in a vertical motion. Do this for up to five times. Now, repeat the same step horizontally and diagonally.

While doing this, your skin may get red or even bleed. Don’t panic. It’s completely normal and an indication that you’re doing it right. If the skin doesn’t get red, it’s probably because you’re being too gentle.

When moving from one part of the face to another, do not drag the derma roller. Instead, lift it up and then place it in the other area.

- Step 4: Rinse and Cleanse

After rolling, wash your face with a regular cleanser. Dry the skin with a soft cotton towel before applying Vitamin C serum. It will hydrate your skin and may help with the redness.

You can finish off with coconut oil, but it’s not necessary.

Since microneedling opens your skin’s pores, any skincare product you apply will have a more pronounced effect.

Tips for Using a Derma Roller

  • Always clean your derma roller before using it. Even after use, wash it properly with soap and water, followed by sterilization with rubbing alcohol.

  • Do not use makeup on your skin after derma rolling. It can aggravate the bleeding and redness.

  • Check the needles for bluntness before using a derma roller. Dull needles will hurt your skin, causing excessive pain. Instead of stainless steel needles, opt for tools like DermRollers that have titanium needles. These last longer and are stronger.


Finally, it’s safe to say that you can use derma rollers for wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and related skin conditions. When done right, microneedling does not have any side effects. However, it does come with a risk of bruising and bleeding.

Therefore, it’s important to follow the instructions properly and use a reliable derma roller, like DermRollers, with a durable build and sharp needles.