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5 Best Derma Rollers You Can Buy in Australia in 2020!

If you live in Australia or any country where the sun shines with scorching intensity, you must be familiar with sunburns. Excessive sun exposure not only causes hyperpigmentation but also other skin conditions like melasma, sun spots, etc. Luckily, it's not too hard to reverse the damage UV rays cause. With the help of derma rollers, taking care of your skin and targeting scarring and hyperpigmentation becomes easy and effective. If you're looking for the best derma roller Australia has to offer, you're at the right place. Below, we've listed five of the most popular derma rollers in Australia. Keep reading! Top 5 Best Derma Roller you can buy in Australia Here's the tricky part: choosing a derma roller that's...

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How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

Ever wondered how much it costs to have skin like the Kardashians? Luckily with microneedling, you don't have to be a billionaire to achieve beautiful skin results. This procedure is, surprisingly, one of the most economical skin rejuvenating treatments out there. So, if you wish to get the treatment but are confused about the costs, let us break it down. In this blog post, we'll discuss in detail about how much microneedling costs. What are the cost differences of microneedling at a clinic vs. at home? How to evaluate the total cost of your sessions? How does microneedling cost compare with those of other skin treatments? Keep reading to get answers to these questions! Microneedling: With a Professional Vs. at Home...

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How to Clean Your Derma Roller? - Microneedling Tips

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Steps to clean your dermaroller Related Faqs So you've got your dermaroller, and you can't wait to use it on your skin. But hold on - are you sure it's clean enough? As you can read on this complete microneedling guide, your dermaroller will penetrate your skin with its tiny needles, so you need to ensure that it's thoroughly cleaned and disinfected!In this article, we'll guide you through the process of cleaning your dermaroller the right way. What cleaning solution should you use? Which method is the correct one? Read about all of this, including some important FAQs in our comprehensive guide below. Steps to Clean Your Dermaroller Microneedling at home is a slightly invasive procedure, and...

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Dermaroller for Hair Regrowth - Everything You Need to Know!

Do you often find yourself staring into the mirror at your thinning hair and worrying your head off? Don't worry; you're not alone. There can be several reasons why someone's hair can fall off, but there's always a chance that you can regrow them with different treatments and therapies. One such solution involves a dermaroller for hair regrowth, which has worked wonders for thousands of people. In this article, we'll discuss everything about a dermaroller that helps regrow hair - why it works, how to use it, and more. Read on! TABLE OF CONTENTS: TABLE OF CONTENTS: Dermaroller for hair regrowth - What is it? What are the benefits of dermaroller for hair regrowth? Is derma roller effective for hair...

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What to Use Before and After Dermaroller to Get the Best Results?

Microneedling with the help of derma rollers is pretty beneficial on its own. But with the help of serums and solutions, it becomes the lord of all skin treatments and therapies. Of course, not all serums are good to use with a derma roller. Some can make your skin look glowy and airbrushed like a Snapchat filter, while others can make it even worse than before. This article discusses which serums and solutions are best to pair with a derma roller before and after the treatment. We'll also talk about what other products you can use and what to avoid to get the best dermaroller results. Read on to know more! What skincare should you use BEFORE dermarolling?  Some people...

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