Dermarolling Benefits According to Dermatologists

Did you know that Kourtney Kardashian is a fan of Dermarollers? Yep, that's true - she mentions it in an episode of Go To Bed With Me, as she walks us through her nightly skincare routine. No wonder her skin glows! 

But dermarollers aren't just something celebrities are trying to sell to you because of sponsorships. 

No, they are widely approved amongst dermatologists as well, who are well aware of all the dermarolling benefits. According to Dr. Zeichner, a highly-qualified dermatologist in NYC, dermarollers can help the skin "heal itself in a healthier and more cosmetically acceptable manner."

Several studies prove this as well, as we'll discuss them in the following post. How does a dermaroller help your skin? Is it really that beneficial? Read on to know all the facts about dermarollers! 

5 Proven Dermarolling Benefits 

Dermarolling or microneedling benefits your skin in a number of ways, and it's no wonder why it's a popular skin treatment tool. Here are five guaranteed benefits of using a dermaroller, given that you use it the right way: 

Reverses the Aging Clock 

After years of watching ads for anti-aging creams, you must have given up on the whole idea of it. Luckily, there's a last strand of hope - one that doesn't involve unnecessary chemicals or silicone injected into your skin - dermarollers. 

They can miraculously reduce wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent. Yet, there is nothing miraculous about - it's pure science. Since dermarollers prick your skin, they cause thousands of minor injuries. In turn, this triggers the skin's natural healing mechanism, and collagen rushes to the rescue to repair the skin. This protein helps tighten your skin and fill in those fine lines and wrinkles that you detest so much. 

In one study, ten patients with wrinkles and signs of photoaging were subjected to six microneedling sessions. The results? Significant improvement in wrinkles and skin elasticity and better-looking overall skin. Not to forget, there are hundreds of other studies that clearly prove the efficacy of this treatment. 

Erases Scars 

A lot of people dread acne not just because it disrupts smooth skin, but also due to the scarring it causes. Luckily, dermarollers can also significantly reduce acne scars' appearance, if not get rid of them entirely (with some patience). It does so by breaking down the scar tissues, depositing collagen in its place, and encouraging skin cell generation. So eventually, new, scar-free skin will take the place of your former scars. 

Remember: the process doesn't happen overnight. You will require at least four to six sessions to see visible improvements. After all, removing stubborn old acne scars isn't easy. But with some patience, you can manage to reduce them to nothingness, thanks to the skin-renewing dermarolling benefits. 

Not just acne scars, but dermarollers have proved effective against many other types of scars. For instance, they have been proven with visible results to reduce the appearance of burn scars. However, keloids are an exception, which are raised scar tissues on the skin. Never dermaroll over any skin that has a keloid scar. 

Gets Rid of Hyperpigmentation 

If you've been under the sun for longer than you should have without sunscreen, you must have experienced some sort of sun damage. This damage refers to dark spots that form in the upper epidermis (layer) of the skin. 

Dermarollers can break up this deposit of dark pigment and easily even out your skin tone. However, when the damage is much more widespread and deeper in the epidermis, things can get tricky. You may require a longer needle to penetrate the skin deeply, and you'll also have to use different kinds of skin brightening serums like kojic acid, etc., to aid with the process. (If you have skin that scars easily, don't use longer needles - consult a professional). 

Since the dermaroller is making thousands of tiny channels in your skin, your skin brightening serum will be absorbed ten times better. Plus, it will also trigger new skin cell generation, and hence, after religious use, you can expect significant brightness and glow on your skin. 

Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks 

Stretch Marks occur due to rapid weight gain. They are more common in pregnant women, around their bellies and breasts. Though there's nothing wrong with them, some people wish to reduce their appearance to get their former smooth skin back. 

Dermarollers come in handy when it comes to stretch marks, as they trigger collagen production so effectively. New skin cells eventually replace the scar tissues, resulting in smoother skin. This process can be aided with topical solutions, such as Vitamin C serums. 

According to a study by Park et al., 16 patients with striae distensae (stretch marks usually noticeable after pregnancy) used dermarollers with 540 needles on them. 

After three treatments, notable differences occurred on skin texture, color, and tightness. In fact, seven patients noted excellent results, which is very encouraging, especially since they only used the tool thrice.

You will have to use longer needle size for this, though, typically between 1.5 mm and 3 mm. We suggest Dermrollers, which have some robust yet razor-sharp needles that penetrate your skin without any scarring or damage. 

Helps Regrow Hair

Yet another exciting dermarolling benefit is hair regrowth. Thinning hair and bald patches aren't just something women fear - men are equally apprehensive of such conditions. And unfortunately, aging causes hairfall in almost everyone.

However, dermarollers can prove surprisingly effective in regrowing hair, because as it turns out, collagen helps grow new hair shafts in a number of ways. Not just this, but these tools also promote blood flow and stimulate stem cells to produce new hair shafts. 

And as we mentioned earlier, this treatment greatly increases the absorption of topical solutions. So whichever hair regrowing solution you wish to use will work ten times faster by using a dermaroller on your scalp.

In case you want to know more, check out our detailed post on how microneedling benefits your scalp. 

Other Advantages of Using a Dermaroller 

The benefits of dermarollers extend beyond skin rejuvenation. It turns out; this tool is not just easy to use, but also very affordable. It can cost you anywhere between $30 - $100 and even more, but most of them are reasonably-priced with excellent quality needles. 

Moreover, it takes about 15 minutes to go through the whole procedure right in the comfort of your home, and you won't have to make expensive trips to a microneedling clinic either. 

Hence, microneedling at home costs much less than you'd expect. It takes longer to produce results, though, so it depends on your priorities - quick results or a budget-friendly procedure? 

Also, the side effects of dermarolling are much less minor compared to microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing. With dermarollers, redness and swelling go away within a day, revealing glowing and plump skin. 


A decade ago, we couldn't have dreamed of getting so many skin benefits with such minimal costs. Luckily, the advent of dermarollers and the numerous research projects over microneedling benefits has helped make this possible. 

Today, there are countless men and women who have achieved youthful skin and full hair - all thanks to microneedling. This may also include some of your favorite celebrities, so before you envy their skin, try out a dermaroller, and you'll be able to achieve similar-looking beautiful skin. 

Just be sure that you're targeting the right skin concern and have a good amount of patience, and you'll be good to go.